HemoHIM stands for:

  • Hemoglobin: Hemoglobin carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body where it releases the oxygen to burn nutrients to provide energy to power the functions of the body in metabolism.
  • Hemopoiesis: The formation of blood.
  • Immune: Your Immune System.
  • Modulation: Regulate


HemoHIM strengthens/regulates your immune system and helps your body form fresh blood and hemoglobin. It provides energy and improves anti-cancer activity for your body. 


NK Cell Activation

An immune cell which is generated in the human bone marrow to destruct harmful substances to the human body. NK cells can eat cancer cells


Cytokine Generation Improvement

Signal transmission protein that playing a central role in the immune system


Immunity Enhancement

Enhances immunity to maintain health

Immune Cells Vitality

Increases biodefense (Improves human body defense capacity)
HemoHIM has been researched and developed by the Food and Biotechnological Team of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and the South Korean Government.

100% natural

The main ingredients are: Angelica radix, Chuanxiong Rhizoma, and Paeoniaen Alba Radix. These are herbs cultivated in the clean fields of South Korea and have been widely used in oriental herbal medicines for centuries. It has been proven to be several times more effective than ginseng products and mushrooms for increasing immune capacity.

Patented in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea


In United States is patented as “Herbal composition for improving anticancer activity, immune response and hematopoiesis of the body and protecting the body from oxidative damage”. 

United States Patent 06964785
See HemoHIM US Patent: http://www.directorypatent.com/US/06964785.html

SKFDA ( South Korean Food and Drug Administration) and USA FDA approved


Hemohim safety and function has been proven through clinical tests, and has been approved by the South Korea Food and Drug Administration (SKFDA) as the first health functional food for immune system improvement.

       Top Sales Volume


Figures released by the South Korean Fair Trade Commission showed that Hemohim was top in the industry in sales volume for 5 straight years.

Organizations involved in the production of HemoHIM

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute KAERI

Responsible for the research and development of the HemoHIM formula.

KAERI is a South Korea government institution established in 1959.  Its research team has more than 1300 PHD researchers and 4000 team members. Learn more


Kolmar BNH co. Ltd. (SBT)

Manufactures the actual substance with the formula provided by KAERI.

Kolmar was founded in 1921 in USA, and it is one of the earliest companies to develop research in nano-technology in the world. Kolmar manufactures cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for well-known companies such as Channel, Lancôme, Clinique, among others. Learn more


The only distributor of HEMOHIM

Atomy is a South Korean company, world supplier of health care (e.g. HemoHIM), skin care, personal care and home care items of absolute quality at reasonable low prices. Learn more

Who is HemoHIM for?

 Immune system is your body’s defense system that fights against things that make you sick.
HemoHIM promotes a holistic health of your body, instead of treating a symptom.


*As with any herbal supplements, first time users may feel cold symptoms due to body’s reaction to this new substance. This is not a side effect, but body’s natural reaction. These symptoms will fade away usually within 1 week.


*DISCLAIMER: HemoHim is not a drug or medicine, but a functional health food supplement developed mainly for immunity enhancement. HemoHim can help boost our cells to HEAL, REPAIR , PROTECT , REGENERATE and REBUILD.


Other ingredients: Honey, Low DE Corn Syrup, Fructo Oligosaccharide, Citric Acid, Guard Gum, Sodium Alginic Acid, and Purified Water.


  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not take product past expiration date.
  • Cnidium Officinale Makino & Paeonia Japonica Miyabe Extract may cause allergic reactions upon ingesting.
  • Pregnant or nursing women and others who have been under care of a physician are advised to consult their doctor before using this product.

Doctors attest HemoHIM Benefits

“Hemohim is of the best quality and it is good for our bodies.”

Dr. Kim Seung Hak, MD

Personal Physician to the Arab Saudi Royal Family for 16 years

“Hemohim has the ability to recognize and destroy pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, that is to optimize our immune system”.

Dr Antonio Saldana MD

Naturalist, USA

“Why take Hemohim? All of us need a strong immune system. Hemohim can really help promote the recovery or our body against oxidative stress.”

Dr. Ofelia Tordecillas, MD

Pediatric, Philippines

 HEMOHIM Research Literature

Medical research reports by:
United States National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

5 million of us love HemoHIM