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Atomy is fast becoming a household name around the world 

Atomy is changing everything in the industry by offering hundreds of unique, high- quality everyday products at very low prices, with the opportunity to own an online or physical store and make residual income by having a very simple compensation plan with absolutely no risk, monthly obligations or extra cost.


You know how Amazon is free, simple, convenient and everyone you know shops there? Same here, PLUS when they buy , you get paid.

How It Works

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What you get


A Global Business


A source of passive


People around the


Natural products of
Absolute quality


Your retirement plan


Your own time

Going beyond Customer Satisfaction,
fulfilling Customer Success

Free to Join

100% Natural high-quality products

Get member pricing (up to 58% off non-member price)

A 100% guarantee return policy

One member ID is valid across the world

Residual income

Cumulative Personal Points

Unlimited levels deep group earnings

Incentives, Bonuses, Rewards

Inherit business earnings for 3 generation

No Registration Fees

No Monthly/Annual Fees

No Website Usage Fees

You do not have to purchase products to join

You do not have to purchase products every month

No automatic reordering: no “auto-ship”

No minimum order quantities

You do not need to sell products to be a member

No investment

No risk

Award Winner Company

Observing principles. Consumer oriented

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How do you make
money with Atomy?


Paid daily, up to $1280 per day


10% to 3% PV every 2 weeks.

Approximately $800 – $50,000 per month


Laptop, Travel, Car, Office, Expense
Account, Driver, Products, Cash.


6% of centers total PV, up to 35%
of total sales PV 

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Need id from sponsor in order to
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can purchase at Atomy store. Must be
18 years old to register.

The Points

The first thing to understand is “The Points”. In Atomy we have 2 types of points:

1. Personal Point Value (PPV): are the points you received for every purchase YOU make. They never go away. They accumulate over time (pretty much like your car odometer) up until 2.4 millions PPV. 

2. Group Point Value (GPV): these are the points you receive for every purchase YOUR GROUP makes. GPV reset in two ways: 

For the purpose of General Commissions, GPV reset only when you get paid

For the purpose of Mastership Bonus, GPV reset 2 times per month: on the 15th, and on the 31th .

The Binary

The second thing to understand is “The Binary”.
In Atomy we have a binary marketing system.

  • One major difference with all other binary systems out there: ours pays Unlimited levels deep (That’s right!).
  • Once you sign up, you can only register 2 people using your own id (one person on your right line and one on your left line). This system makes you help your downline because if you have 5 more people to sign up, they will have to go under the first two you already registered, and so on. 
  • You get paid for everybody under you, regardless whether they were signed up by you, or by other members of your team/downline. 
The Best

The Commissions

Moving on to all the different ways we get paid, this 1st  one is “The Commissions” paid daily.

When you first accumulate 10,000 PPV you qualify to start accumulating GPV

10,000 Points ≈ $25 Dollars    │      GPV = Group PV on each side

Sales Rep

10,000 PPV + 300,000 GPV ≈ $20 Dollars


300,000 PPV + 300,000 GPV ≈ $ 60 Dollars

Special Agent

700,000 PPV + 700,000 GPV ≈ $ 120 Dollars


1,500,000 PPV + 1,500,000 GPV ≈ $ 240 Dollars

Exclusive Distributor

2,400,000 PPV + 2,400,000 GPV ≈ $ 360 Dollars

Exclusive Distributor

2,400,000 PPV + 6,000,000 GPV ≈ $ 600 Dollars

Exclusive Distributor

2,400,000 PPV + 20,000,000 GPV ≈ $ 1000 Dollars

Exclusive Distributor

2,400,000 PPV + 50,000,000 GPV ≈ $ 1200 Dollars

The Bonus

“The Bonus”  is the 2nd way we get paid in Atomy on top of your daily “Commissions”.  When you first receive a bonus you become a Master. 

Bonuses are paid twice a month: GPV from the 1st to the 15th, and GPV from the 16th to the 30th.  

│  GPV = Group PV on each side 

SALES MASTER (700,000 PPV + 2,400,000 GPV)
10% GPV  ≈ $2,000 – $4,000
DIAMOND MASTER (1,500,000 PPV + 2 Sales Masters on each side)
5% GPV  ≈ $4,000 – $8,000
SHARON-ROSE MASTER (2,400,000 PPV + 2 Diamond Masters on each side)
2% GPV  ≈ $8,000 – $16,000
STAR MASTER (2,400,000 PPV + 2 Sharon-Rose Masters on each side)
1.2% GPV  ≈ $16,000 – $32,000
ROYAL MASTER (2,400,000 PPV + 2 Star Masters on each side)
1% GPV  ≈ $32,000 – $70,000
CROWN MASTER (2,400,000 PPV + 2 Royal Masters on each side)
0.5% GPV  ≈ $70,000 – $85,000
IMPERIAL MASTER (2,400,000 PPV + 2 Crown Masters on each side)
0.3% GPV  ≈ $85,000 – $100,000

The Incentives

The 3rd way to earn with Atomy is through “The Incentives” (Because well who doesn’t love traveling??). Incentives are earned every time a Mastership level is achieved.  SA = Sponsorship Activities


Sales Master

HemoHIM (1 set)
The Fame (1 set)
Evening Care (1 set)


Diamond Master

Laptop or Tablet
Hemohim (1 set)
The Fame (1set)
Evening Care (1 set) 

Sharon-Rose Master

$2,000 Cash
2 Travel Tickets

Star Master

$10,000 Cash
4 Travel Tickets

Royal Master

$50,000 Cash
$2,000 per month for SA
Car rental fees
4 Travel Tickets

Crown Master

$300,000 Cash
$5,000 per month for SA
Luxury car
4 Travel Tickets


Imperial Master

   $1,000,000 Cash
$10,000 per month for SA
Luxury car
Office of approx. 1700 sq.
A personal assistant
4 travel tickets

The Center

Last but not least,  “The Center”. As an Atomy member you can open an educational center where you teach people about Atomy. It requires permission from corporation.

6% of a Center’s total PV is paid to the
applicable Center to cover operational

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